• Is Gay Bingo Charlotte still happening this year?

    Yes, Gay Bingo Charlotte is still going to happen but we are just doing it virtually this year! This means that this year there will be NO bingo being played and it will all be about entertaining you for a full hour! We know the last thing people probably want to do is jump on a "Zoom call" and play bingo. We agree and aren't doing that. We've partnered with Live Events Media Group and The Littlefield Co. to bring you some of the silliest and best entertainment we all need to see this fall!


    Think of this year's bingo as a variety show so be ready for a night of laughs, outrageous costumes, wacky Olympic games and unpredictable entertainment! Miss Rona isn't going to stop us!

    Is Gay Bingo Charlotte a game of chance?

    No, it is not a game of chance and you will not win anything. Gay Bingo is not real bingo; it is an unconventional and entertaining fundraising event with a bingo theme. You are not able to win any money or prizes for playing.

    I am interested in being a sponsor, how do I learn more and get information?

    We would love to have you come on board as a sponsor. We have several different opportunities and price points - ranging from $2,000 to $300. You can download the sponsorship packet (click here) or you can contact Nathan Smith at 704-973-9818.

    • After Party Sponsor - $2,000
    • Game Sponsor - $1,750
    • Halftime Sponsor - $1,000
    • Community Sponsor - $300

    When is Gay Bingo? And what time does it start?

    Gay Bingo Charlotte is hitting the big screen on Saturday, November 14 and will be completely virtual this year. The show begins at 7:00 PM and will run roughly an hour with an after party starting at 8:00 PM with DJ Little Betty.

    What time does the show start?

    The show will begin at 7:00 PM and will last roughly an hour. We do suggest that you log into the livestream at least 15 minutes prior to 7:00 PM to make sure you are connected and ready to have a great night!

    What time should I log on?

    We suggest that you log in with your personalized link about 20 to 30 minutes for the show begins (7:00 PM) to make sure that you have it all set up and your connection is good. We will have some pre-show entertainment for you including past videos, pictures and music for you.

    Where is Gay Bingo Charlotte?

    Gay Bingo Charlotte has gone completely virtual this year. You can watch the show from the comfort of your home - that means you can watch and laugh while you are in bed, on the couch or on the back porch. You can view the performance from your TV, laptop, tablet or smart phone! Same date, same hot mess - just virtual!

    Is there an age restriction?

    While we don't have a minimum age for attendance, we do ask that anyone in "attendance" 16 or younger be with a parent or guardian. There will be adult humor, so please use your discretion if bringing children. At the end of the day it is up to the parent/guardian to make that decision.

    Can I transfer my ticket link to someone else?

    Yes you can reassign your ticket to someone else.

    1. Click on the link "Need to fill out ticket details later? Click here to log in and..." in the original email you received when you purchased your ticket(s).
    2. You will then be taken to our online site where you will create an account (if you haven't already done so).
    3. Choose the "Ticket" tab on the top part of the page (4th option).
    4. Click "Reassign Ticket" tab.
    5. Fill out the form and then hit Reassign Ticket.

    Will there be food and drinks available for purchase?

    Yes, Gay Bingo Charlotte has partnered with QC Catering to bring you some amazing packages. The packages are curated for 2, 4 or 8 people and you can even have it delivered to your home (within Charlotte) for a flat $15 fee. Every package sold, a percentage of the sale will go back to our fundraising efforts for RAIN.

    • Halftime Snack - An Adult Capri-Sun
    • Spectator Snacks - A Worldly Bites Package
    • Around the World - A Hors d'oeuvres Sampling Package (includes a bottle of wine)
    • Fan Fare - BYO Popcorn Mix (includes beer from Resident Culture Brewing Co.)

    Learn more about what each package includes and place your order by clicking here.

    Still have questions not answered?

    If you still have questions that need answering please contact our Gay Bingo Charlotte Master, Nathan Smith, at n.smith@carolinarain.org or 704-973-9818.