• One of our most beloved and caring friends, Johnny Johnson, died in late 2020 and our community shines just a little less bright because of it. Johnny never met a stranger and was always the life of the party. He made every single person feel like they are the most important in the room. He loved his family, his friends, and his community. Johnny was the embodiment of compassion and love. He believed that being a part of the community wasn't just donating but getting down in the trenches to make a true and lasting impact to those in need.


    Johnny loved a costume and heaven forbid it be off the rack. It had to be custom made and showcase his infectious smile! Thanks to the generosity of his family and friends, RAIN was gifted five costumes that he wore to different fundraising events, including Gay Bingo Charlotte.


    To highlight his legacy of giving, humor and community, we will be showcasing the costumes at this year’s Gay Bingo Charlotte (Saturday, November 13) at the Charlotte Convention Center - Met Gala style! This display will spotlight the costumes (and Johnny) in a very special way.

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